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September 3, 2012 at 18:55

Unhealthy eating.

Unhealthy eating is a paradoxical title for this column. But let’s think better. We very often hear recommendations on what we should eat to be healthy. There are a lot of books and articles about it. But let’s talk about how to wreck our health, about unhealthy food. Please pay attention that these advice for them who wants to put in weight, get heart diseases and get to the hospital.
First of all we should know why people carry about healthy eating. Someone eats fresh fruits and vegetables, steams food just because a doctor recommended. Others keep diet to put or loose on weight. The third just follow the sportive healthy and useful fashion. But it is not so easy. Diets don’t help. The body first loose liquid, then fill lost kilograms. Fat free and raw food is not tasty. You want something piquant and unusual, more and more. I propose some advices about unhealthy eating.

1. Eat standup, on the run, at the office and in the transport. Even if people look at you – doesn’t matter, just satisfy hunger or just distract yourself from work. Don’t care that men eating standup put on weight and women disfigure twice faster. Why? Eating this way we don’t feel satiation, can’t stop in time and as a result the stomach is overfill. Overfill signal is lost somewhere because the brain is busy with other things.

2 Over salt dishes. We get accustomed to artificial broth, strong spices and cheep ketchup so can’t understand why simple dishes become tasteless. Pack soup lovers don’t feel the taste of a real broth. They feel salt and spices lack. That’s why a normal broth seems tasteless.

3. Eat in front of the TV. One more way to cheat brain and stomach is watching TV. Scientists explain it this way: we distract our attention to TV so we can’t feel all tastes of the meal. And what is more interesting is that even if you are full you will eat again and again watching TV. And you will eat till feel bad. Isn’t it so nice to rest on the sofa after a dinner even if after you put 2 kg on your weight?!

4. Forget about soups even if some years ago the first course was obligatory. We all forget that soup stimulates gastric juice development, improves digestion and so on. Sure! If we eat the first course we would eat on 1/3 less than when eating dry food. It says that soup creates the fullness feeling and people consume fewer calories.

5. Eat at night. Of course you have no time to eat normally at day and morning. But at night you have a lot of time to fulfill your energetic resources. When we eat at night the food doesn’t digest, that is why we have insomnia and indigestions. Fruits and milk products digest in 1 hour, pork, fish and vegetables in 6 hours! Isn’t it good if you can have an additional dinner twice and even in the bed!
6. Chewing candies, chips, frizzy drinks, chocolate, sausages, fat meat, mayonnaise, alcohol – these are very appetizing list of extremely unhealthy caloric food. Chemical additives, surrogates, colorants - are the unhealthiest elements!

We can continue to list unhealthiest food for very long, but we hope you understood that was irony. Of course we must care our health and eat healthy food. Care your health in a complex:
- Refuse bad habits. Alcohol, cigarettes are very harmful. Refuse them step by step not to strike immunity.
- Measure in eating. Eat only if you really want. You will feel hungry. Stop eating after you are full. By the way don’t forget to feel your body.
- Don’t be a vegetarian. You can refuse animal food for a while but in summer because in winter we need fat to warm ourselves and to function well.

The main point of healthy eating is eating useful fruit or vegetable. The complex method is important. Dietitians give main recommendation: eat small portions but often, 4-5 times a day.
Vegetables and fruits are necessary foods in our everyday meal. Contrary to a public opinion we should leave the table a little bit hungry. And finally enjoy the meal !


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