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author of the recipe: Вкусная Газета

Crab “Severen” with a trout and saffron sauce

Boil spaghetti half prepared, wrap it by form and freeze it. Cut crab meat, champignons, shallot onion and fry it on oil. Add cream and cheese and then cool it. Add egg yolk and whipped white of the egg. Fill frozen spaghetti with this mixture. Put one lay of spinach. Freeze it. Make a mousse from trout, white of egg, cream and brew saffron. Fill the form with spaghetti. Put stewed spinach on trout filet and a slice of fried aubergine with garlic. Wrap it in the form greased with butter. Cook on the white vine steam. Bring frozen crab “Severen” to doneness on steam. Make a broth from perch. Fry onion and champignons. Add vine, broth and cream. Steam out. Filter. Add brewed saffron. Decorate with Kura Sami, aubergine skin and spaghetti.

05/09/2012 10:46

Roman Trusov
fasty newspaper
Crab “Severen” with a trout and saffron sauce
Spaghetti 6 gr.
Crab meat 26 gr.
Champignons 50 gr.
Shallot onion 54 gr.
Mozzarella cheese 14 gr.
Cream 33% 30 gr.
Eggs 60 gr.
Aubergine 30 gr.
Trout 210 gr.
Spinach 4 gr.
Kura Sami 2 gr.
Garlic 2 gr.
Perch 100 gr.
Spices 2 gr.
Salt 2 gr.
White vine 20 gr.
Butter 6 gr.
Oil 8 gr.


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