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Money (Als) is a conventional unit which is being used on this site in order to estimate the value of the published information by users (articles, videos, photos etc), as well as a mechanism to reward for the participation in site development. Als can be spent on the following resources: paid recipes and videos, shopping for necessary items for competition (virtual equipment and groceries).

Als can be earned for the following actions:
Participation in competition – from 500 to 10.000 Als
Publishing of original recipe – 50 Als*
Video uploading – 5 Als* (on page 1 it is stated that 40 Als will be earned?)
Photo uploading- 2 Als
Article posting – 100 Als ( * Article posting is possible only after authorization of site administrator. Articles which are being copied from other sites - with rare exceptions - will not be published.)
Restaurant posting – 100 Als (available only for Alliance members)
Critique posting – 200 Als (available only for Alliance members)
Invitation of a friend - 5% of future income of the friend will be added to the income.

Al can be purchased for real money via the link on the personal account page.

* Alliance members have an opportunity to fix an access price for their recipe or video.