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The international Cook Alliance was purposefully established to unite professionals in the restaurant industry.
The main goals of the Cook Alliance are:
- to form a community of professional
- to popularize restaurant professions, as well as promotion of people and organisations
- to put together general database of recipes and professional terminology
- to overview innovative technologies
- to teach and monitor young professionals
- to assist with staffing and job search
- to overview restaurants, cafes and bars
- to facilitate communication and information exchange
- reconstraction and development of tradition cuisine in different regions.

Who can become a member of the Cook Alliance?
Anyone who has experience in the restaurant business and is willing to share his or her knowledge and ideas can become a member of the Alliance.

How to become a member of Alliance?
In order to become a member an applicant should make a video showing the process of cooking a dish. The video has to be of a decent quality because it will be used to assess the applicant’s skills. After that an applicant has to win 10 times in competitions, as well as receive more than 50% of the votes of members of the Alliance.

Which advantages and duties do the members of the Alliance have?
The members have a right to make chargeable access to their recipes, videos, are able to add articles to the following sections: Dictionary, Critique, Restaurants and have 50% discount on master-classes organised by the Alliance. In addition members receive 10% of the site income.
The members have to judge competitions, answer questions of users and fill in the database of the site.
Just after the membership has been granted each member receives the Alliance label and the Alliance apron.