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August 25, 2012 at 12:48
Fasty newspaper

How to live a month for 3000 rubles?

All April we have watched a unique experiment of the journalist from the 5th channel. Correspondent Anatoly Mayorov must live one month only for a consumers basket (the Ministry of economy defines it for each region, and the federal government defines the list of products in the country).
2822.64 rubles in month is a sum for a consumer’s basket in Russia. Everyday Anatoly wrote reports to twitter and on YouTube. Here are the results we read in his twitter:
0 day: Everyday= menu + expenses +check + general state.
1st day: Breakfast: oatmeal on a milk + coffee with sugar. “To my wonder it was substantial and almost tastily”.
3rd day: “I have never eaten so much bread in one day!”
5th day: “I am going to the medical examination”. I visited a doctor. I have lost 2.5 kg and 2 cm in waist and chest for 5 days.
10th day: “I have no force!”
12th day: “Visited a doctor. Minus 2 cm in size. May be after this experiment I should go to the runway. Gnaw carrot and try not to think about food.”
14th day: Hm! Today I ate only rye bread. Not really…”
17th day: Three-egg omelet wasn’t enough. Found “Doshirak”…
19th day: “The doctor found out gastritis. And I lost 4.5 kg in weight.”
20th day: “Oatmeal (9.70 rub) + milk (30.90 rub.) + bread (36 rub.) = 76.60 rub.
22nd day: “rye bread (13 rub.) + long loaf (20 rub.) + Kvass (60 rub.) + 1 egg (5 rub.) =98 rub.
30th day: “Today is the last day. I have 169 rubles in my pocket. I feel good.”

At the end of the experiment Anatoly lost 4.5 kg in weight. Also he got gastritis and now he treats it eating the same sick oatmeal.
Of course it was just an experiment, but the main Anatoly did he proved that it is impossible to eat well on the money the government calculated. What should we say…Hold on! But eat right because health is the worthiest thing we have. All the best!


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