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June 4, 2015 at 14:10

How to become the best chef - cook

Best chef can be a person known and even popular worldwide. He earns well, allowing you to open their establishments, but most importantly - an opportunity to do what he likes. How to become a good chef?
Cooking at home
To become a good chef must love to cook and tend to self-improvement. Usually, it starts with the amateur cooking at home in the kitchen. The idea is to not only learn how to cook the recipes, but also experiment with mixing the ingredients, apply different processing technology products. New amateur chef always read a lot of literature about the kitchens around the world and features dishes.
Many restaurants and even places of the middle class, do not take a job without the required crust. The easiest and cheapest method - a culinary college or graduate school. If you want to become a chef, then a college, you can do even before graduation. Education in them is usually free, perhaps even be paid a stipend. Considered more prestigious higher education institutions in the food industry, where for example, you can get a degree as an engineer technologist.
Education is necessary to cook, because the house can not learn how to deal with an expensive professional equipment. But in schools it is not always there. To learn all the details of the culinary business, you can enroll to the famous chef. The disadvantage is that such courses are quite expensive. They usually last for long, but during that time you can learn many of the secrets of cooking, processing technology, to master modern equipment.
Working in a restaurant
Best Chef are not always as it becomes immediately begin work even pizzerias and small cafes. The fine-dining restaurant chef just will not take no work experience. It is important to not only the ability to cook, but also experience in managing people. It is important not to stay for several years in one place on a small restaurant, as there is a burnout. In the world there are many cases when young amateur cooks started from the position of a dishwasher, and then achieve great heights. But in our country rarely dishwasher stayut famous chefs.
Participation in competitions
Participation in competitions allows you to express yourself, show your skills in cooking and personal qualities. Sometimes, after participating in a television cooking shows, amateur cooks, even without the education and experience are held in the prestigious restaurant. The various competitions of national and international level and involved professional chefs. Through awards and recognition the best chef in high demand among employers, they may even invite themselves to work in his restaurant.


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